Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Southend LCF AGM

The Southend Labour Parties Local Campaign Forum had its annual general meeting last night. It met in Westcliff-on-Sea, at Chalkwell Park Methodist Church. The attendance was a healthy 101.

It was a case of all change, The executive has twelve members, and eight either did not seek re-election or were defeated in a contest.

The following were elected:

Ashley Dalton
Vice chair
Martin Berry
Helen McDonald
Julian Ware-Lane
Campaign coordinator
Daniel Cowan
Chair of selections
Jes Phillips
Janet Phillips
Alex Nicholas
Martin Berry
Fionna Morgan
Leader of the Labour Group
Ian Gilbert
Deputy leader of the Labour Group
Anne Jones

My personal thanks to all outgoing officers, who have dedicated many hours in the furtherance of the Labour cause in Southend-on-Sea, and these are :-

Margaret Borton, Ashleigh Condon, Cheryl Nevin, Laura Pearce, Kevin Robinson, Gray Sergeant, Mike Smith, Neil Taylor.

I fully expect to see all outgoing officers still active in their communities, fighting for a better Southend-on-Sea. working for a fairer and more equal Southend-on-Sea.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

2 wards today, Vctr + Mltn

A two ward campaign day.

This morning I was out in the ward I live in, Victoria.

Street art?

This afternoon I was in the ward I represent, Milton. The Labour support totalled 62% today - nice!

Free afternoon tea

Yesterday, having a free afternoon, I took advantage of the offer of free tea and a chat and went along to the Ekco Social and Sports Club.

Thanks to June, Sara, and others for the conversations.

I had tea, a piece of cake, and a couple of biscuits. I even did some colouring. And it was all FREE.

If I am available I will go along next month.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Southend BID & HARP Launch

I bumped into this young lady there!

Southend Business Improvement District  have recently been working closely with the Homeless Action Resource Project, Southend’s Homeless Charity, to explore ways in which to operate together in order to deploy long term solutions for rough sleeping and street drinking, as well as encourage engagement with HARP’s services.

I was invited  to the official launch, in partnership with HARP, at Victoria Circus today.

Mac Felton at the launch
This was part of our ongoing educational campaign to educate the public on how they can best help people to overcome homelessness in Southend.

More concerns about the High Street Post Office in W H Smiths

Milton ward councillor Julian Ware-Lane had expressed concerns about the move of the High Street  Post  Office into the W H Smith store. It was something that concerned not least because he could foresee issues with access.

This move has happened in the last year, with mixed views as to its success. Some customers do not like having to traipse through the stationery store and bookshop to purchase stamps, etc; others are stoical.

Recent rains have seen the roof leak in the building that house WH Smith and now the Post Office. The leak cause all self service machines to fail. There was water all over the floor; this affected access to Post Office services.

Cllr Ware-Lane said: "Having the Post Office counters above the ground floor not only makes access a little more difficult, but it is also liable to these  sort of extreme weather incidents."

Deputy Leader of the Labour Group on Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, Cllr Anne Jones, said: "Labour councillors and activists spoke to many members of the public, prior to the Post Office moving to their current premises. The most frequent concern was that it would be located on the first floor and could be inaccessible to wheelchair users, mobility scooter users and people with children in prams. It is appalling that not only did the post office dismiss these concerns, but the premises underwent only a cosmetic refurbishment and not a proper upgrade. The concern all along was that the building would  not be fit for purpose. Furthermore, it is not particularly safe for the public to use."